ICAP Examinations

Exam Curriculum

Throughout the year GCCC hosts International Certified Addiction Professional (ICAP) Examinations around the world. The ICAP Examinations cover the necessary knowledge and skills needed to be an effective professional. The material covered in the Universal Curriculums developed by The Colombo Plan’s Drug Advisory Program (DAP) will help prepare participants, however there are other training materials that can also be used to prepare for the examinations.

Click below to apply for the examination: either an in-person examination, by selecting the upcoming test site, or by selecting the option to individually take an online exam utilizing the remote-proctor system. Click here to see if your computer will meet the requirements. If you do not have access to a computer that meets the requirements; you will need to select an in-person examination at a testing site. You will then navigate to the Level of ICAP Examination and begin the application process.

The exam for the ICAP-Prevention Certification is currently in development and will be on the CORE portion of the UPC Implementer’s Curriculum.
The ICAP I exam covers the UTC Basic Courses is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Korean, Thai, Dari, Pashto, Urdu, Russian, French, Vietnamese, Laotian, Bengali, Arabic, Sinhala, and Mongolian.
The ICAP II exam covers the UTC Advanced Courses  and is available in English, Spanish, Arabic, French, and Sinhala.
The ICAP III exam covers the UTC Advanced Courses and is available in English, Spanish, Arabic, and French.
The ICAP IV exam covers the UTC Advanced Courses as well as other resources in the field of addiction. It is available in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Korean.

The Examination breakdown is:

GCCC is committed to certifying professionals working in the field of Recovery Support. This is an essential part of the continuum of care for those managing the disease of addiction. We are in the process of updating our exam based on the new curriculum. Anyone who has participated in the new curriculum training will be notified when the exam is ready and how they can apply for the Recovery Support Certification. Feel free to direct any questions to Becky Vaughn, Director of GCCC at becky.vaughn@colombo-plan.org.

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Host an Exam

If you are a government or educational entity that would like to host an exam in your country, please email infoglobalccc@gmail.com for more information on the requirements and schedule. Please put “Host an ICAP” exam in the subject line.