How to Apply Online for ICAP Exam📍

How to Register for ICAP Exam📍

Do I have to create a new user account every time I want to apply for an exam?

No. You only have to create a dashboard the first time you apply. For future applications/exams; you would just go to, click login and use your login credentials. This will take you to your dashboard, where you be able to start additional applications.

Do I have to create a new application if I make an error in the application?

No. You are able to go back in the application after your progress is saved to make corrections. Please note corrections can not be made after you click submit.

How many days once my application has been rejected will I have to submit any missing documents?

Three days from when the rejection email was issued.

How do I submit missing documents once my application has been rejected?

You will login to; click on the previously submitted application; add the missing documents/make any other changes - then advance through submit. Your application will be reviewed in due course.