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Main Office: The Colombo Plan Secretariat

No. 52 Ananda Coomarasway Mawatha | P.O. Box 596 |
Colombo 03 | Sri Lanka
T: +94 11 257 6322 (hotline) | F: 94-11-2576311 |
twitter: @colomboplan |

North American Office: Washington, DC

South and Central American Office: Santiago, Chile

Southeast Asian Office: Bangkok, Thailand

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Becky Vaughn


Washington D.C.

Samitha Gunasekera

Programme Officer (Credentialing)

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Ashley C. Becker

Programme Officer (Online Curriculum)

Washington D.C.

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professional, email

Please put Verify a Credential in subject line.

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To report an ethics violation,

Please put “Confidential” in subject line.


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